Our mission

Help people & companies in their
Digital Transformation journey!

Company background

Company Background

Company with own Cloud and Security Infrastructure.

Together with multiple technical resources, founded by very experienced investors and entrepreneurs in contact to Physicists, Doctors, CEOs of multiple company’s sectors, Students, Scientists, Lawyers, Biologists, Designers and Engineers.

Has born to provide digital answers and solutions to improve, scale and accelerate all economic sector transformation.

Message from the CEO

CEN3TRIC Digital Core has a new digital approach, away from the traditional market. Our main goal is to help companies in their Digital Transformation, by unlocking the full potential of human and machine intelligence using innovative tools.

We are mainly focused on Digital Intelligence, AI, Machine Learning, Business Automation, Cybersecurity and Big Data.

CEN3TRIC is the result of the work and research of Physicists, Doctors, CEOs from multiple business sectors, Students, Scientists, Lawyers, Biologists, Designers, Engineers, and many others, with the aim of creating a company that provides creative answers and digital solutions to accelerate the transformation of all economic sectors.

We want to help all our business partners to create a future that combines digital technologies and social change, thus transforming the current business models on an innovative and profitable basis.

We believe that digital innovations cen3tered around our customers’ needs are key to creating long-term value for the economy.

I am really excited about this journey and honestly believe the best CEN3TRIC impact is yet to come.”

Ricardo Limas


Ricardo Limas CEO CEN3TRIC

“Gaining access to medical professionals has become increasingly difficult. Virtual healthcare, facilitated by digital technologies, includes a range of services that can help alleviate overstretched healthcare systems, minimize the spread of infection, and foster patient-clinician relationships. Collaborative technology platforms extend the utility of digitalization to help strengthen communication between all healthcare professionals and management teams.”

Maria Santos

Health Systems EMEA Site Manager

Testimonial Maria Santos

“The real Digital Transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, changing how we operate and deliver value to people. It’s also a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge, experiment, and thrive. This is why CEN3TRIC was born. To differentiate digitalization from digital transformation and deliver customer centricity solutions.”

Gonçalo Ferreira

Advisor & Entrepreneur CEN3TRIC

Testimonial Gonçalo Ferreira

“Digital Transformation is the key to success for sustainable tourism. Social networks and mass collaboration are impacting all providers. New technologies are developing new business models to obtain ongoing and efficient results, creating a bigger value chain, and delivering true business intelligence.”

Maria Manuel Limas

Hotel General Manager

Testimonial Maria Manuel Limas

“Despite all investments, risk and compliance processes in all organizations remains largely manual and fragmented. Significant improvements can be obtained when learning from digital business transformations.”

Marta Hughes

Mechanical Engineer - Risk & Assurance Manager for Railway Industry

Testimonial Marta Hughes

“Digital transformation is changing the future of Veterinary Practice. Veterinarians are looking for innovative solutions to improve patient communication, improve diagnostic potential and enhance operational efficiencies. By other side, integration with other party solutions will minimize time and errors, help in boosting productivity, and provide more quality care for patients.”

Juliana Magalhães


Testimonial Juliana Magalhães

“In a world where everything is becoming digital, this transition might not always be the smoothest. With the help of AI and Machine Learning this process becomes easier and practical. In addition to this, cybersecurity plays a fundamental role in protecting the info that these technologies utilize and store, ensuring safety for anything from companies to industries.”

Mariana Ferreira

Student of Integrated Master in Physics Engineering

Testimonial Mariana Ferreira

“In recent years, with the ever developing technology and the data created by it, the IoT concept has risen to be one of the most pertinent and modern solutions for the management and use of information. CEN3TRIC covers all the important points to not only take full advantage but to protect this complex system, delving not only into cyber security, which is considered one of the most important aspects of IoT, but into Machine Learning as well, maximizing the possibilities of the data acquired in the process.”

Marcelo Colaço

Student of Integrated Master in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Testimonial Marcelo Colaço